This must be its golden year because it is now 57 years old. My father purchase this Motorcycle used in Detroit over thirty years ago, he then rode it home. The fork tubes where rusted and frozen up so the front end came apart and there the bike sat apart practically buried under lots of stuff in a dry garage for over 30 years. The engine was kicked over now and then to make sure it didn’t freeze up. After replacing the fork tubes and some other parts, new and used. I reassembled what I had of the front end. Installed new exhaust with the same it had 30 years ago. Changed the oil and cleaning the points and carburetor, she fired second kick. Runs great with no smoke, clutch dose not slip, shifts and holds all the gears, and the brakes work great also. Starts and runs and can be ridden. (Please keep in mind it is a 57 year old Triumph and requires a lots more love and appreciation). I have installed a small 6V battery a couple of cheap switches and tried the electrical, it looks to be all there and mostly correct. Generator charges, lights, brake lights, and horn all work.

Location: Menominee, Michigan, United States

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