Here is a brilliant example of the 350ccTriumph 3TA introduced in 1957 for the domestic European market. This restoration is nothing short of MAGNIFICENT. Take real close look at the details and finishes in the photos.

This was Triumph’s first unit construction motorcycle. All of these machines were fitted with the front fender number plate as required in the UK. In time, some eventually found their way to the US. The production run lasted through 1966. The 3TA, or “twenty-one”, as it was also known, was never well accepted by the public due to the “bathtub” rear fairing, a detail incorporated by the UK Meriden stylists for the “purpose of aerodynamics and rain protection from the rear wheel”. Most of these bikes were in- time stripped of the rear fairings and/or modified in one way or another. Finding an intact original today is difficult, at minimum. The one shown here is arguably one of the finest available. It has been in my personal collection 30 years. I have only seen two original examples of this model in 35 years of collecting. Here is one of them.

This is an unusual, eye-catching motorcycle in design, appearance and restoration quality. Finished in the correct Amaranth Red, with its triple-plated chrome and other bright work, the motorcycle is a beautiful thing to behold, and near flawless. Look at the photos closely. Enlarge each of them. Each reveals a beautiful, pristine section that will stand up to close scrutiny. Note the original circular identification badge on the right front fork.

This bike is mechanically sound. Engine and frame numbers match. Everything on the bike works as it should – including gauges, lights, engine, clutch, transmission and brakes. Maintained properly over the years, it starts easily with one or two kicks and is street legal. The engine is quiet and smooth. The twin mufflers emit a throaty tone similar to the larger 650 Triumphs. Tires are period correct. Battery is new. Battery tender connection is included for extended storage or display. It has a brand new Amal carb, correct for this model. Owner’s manual is included as well as parts manual. Bike comes with many spares including spare cylinder head, pistols, rods, distributor waterproof cover, etc.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama, United States

See listing: 1958 Triumph 3TA (from October 15, 2018)