58 Triumph Bobber, this is a beautiful bike that needs nothing, no shortcuts on this build, The owner said that he had $8,000 not including labor, any of you guys who have done a build in the past can appreciate the workmanship in this bike. To end valves and harden seats, new pistons, replaced damaged transmission gears and shifting cam.  New tires, stainless steel spokes, chrome rear and front sprocket with chain, new handlebar control levers, headlight and taillight, electronic ignition, lithium iron battery, electronic tachometer, new single Amal “Premier” carburetor, awesome paint, and much more. Approximately 100 miles on build.

Location: Pleasant Garden, North Carolina, United States

See listing: 1958 Triumph Bobber (beautiful Bike that Needs Nothing) Model: T100 5TA (from December 19, 2015)